Penguin: Book Trailers

Books are promoted awfully and movie trailers are awesome. This is unfair since all good movies are based on great books.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics


Buffalo Exchange:
The Exes Collection

Buffalo Exchange is a secondhand store where you can buy or sell used clothing. The Exes Collection is an idea that encourages people to sell leftover clothes from their ex girl or boyfriend. Call it revenge or a means to move on, in either case you come out as a winner.

(We had to take this down when Buffalo Exchange threatened to sue us for using their logo on our student work. Four months later Salvation Army executed this very same idea.)

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design


Google: Do

Liking and sharing an article helps spread the word, but what if you could do more?
Google-Do allows you to take action after reading an article that tugs at your heartstrings.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design


Future Lions 2015 Finalist


Bet for Followers

Bet For Followers is an app where users are able to place bets on certain sports teams and win followers as a result if their predictions are correct. People can sign in with either their Twitter or Instagram account and with the right bet, they'll be automatically followed by all of the losing betters.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design


Miller: Bar Challenge

The Miller Bar Challenge is the ultimate bar game that can make anyone and everyone beat the entire NFL by doing what they do best. Drink beer.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design


Use My Spot

School is fun because it allows you to compete in advertising...
This one my pal Daniel and I won.

The brief was to come up with an idea that would help: crowd control, traffic control and in-turn, ultimately curb pollution.
We created an app for urban residents and corporations after working hours to help frustrated car owners find parking.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction


Opportunity Cycle

Here's another one we won.
The brief was to make rich people more excited about paying their taxes.

My Role: Concept, Art Direction